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5 Ways A Parent Can Assist A Slow Learner At Home

Not every child learns at the same pace; some learn at a reasonable pace while some learn a bit slower than others. The set of children that learn a bit slower than others are called “slow learners.

Characteristics Of Slow Learners

1.They creep, crawl, walk, run at a slower pace than other children.

2. They find it hard to understand simple things around them.

3. Their attention span is rather short.

4. They find it hard to grasp things being taught in class.

You might have gotten a lot of complaints from your child’s teachers about yourfvhbt child not concentrating, or your child is not doing so well in class. That doesn’t mean your child has a low IQ; it might just mean that he/she is finding hard to understand the things been taught at that pace. A parent is paramount in a slow learner’s life because it is not a serious medical condition that requires special education, all you need to do is understand your child’s pace and work with him on that pace.

Some tips on how to assist your child at home will be given. These are just a few tips so feel free to exhaust all options and finds the one that works perfectly for your child.

Appreciate Them

As parents, you have the ability to build in your child a foundation for greatness and a basis of an epic failure. You do not know the struggle your child going through trying to do the little he/she does. Though it might not be much or it might not even be up to half of what you want him/her to do, but it is crucial you appreciate your child’s effort.

Understand Your Child

Most parents do not understand their child making it hard for them to see any good in them. You have to take the time to study your child and understand him/her. Every child with slow learning abilities has a particular thing that gets their fancy, something that ultimately interests them. Know what interests your child and use it to help him/her learn.

Create A Quiet Study Niche:

You need to find a place devoid of distractions so as to help your child study. Children with slow learning abilities are easily distracted; they would prefer to look at anything else than at that book you gave them to study.

Make Yourself Accessible:

vnf h Children often have a lot of questions to ask and if they are being turned down or do not get opportunities to ask the questions they get discouraged and then stop. Help your child with his homework, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it for them, put them through on it.

Explain To Your Child’s Teacher To Your Child.

Most teachers might not know what is going on with the children in their class. It is your duty to help them understand so the teacher can take special care of the child.